Pet Insurance

At Atto, we believe that one call should do it all and that’s why we want to offer Insurance to your entire family, which for some of us includes our beloved family pet. pet-insurance-basics
Health Care For Your Pet

As pet parents, we want what is best for our family pet.  Each year the advances in veterinary care and treatments are tremendous.  However, the cost can be high and there is no public health care system for pets.  You can purchase packages that typically cover Accidents, Illnesses ,Test and Medication.  There is also Dental and Preventive Care available.

Pet insurance is health care for your pet!

In shopping the markets for our clients, we found Petsecure.

It is Canadian owned and operated and is the oldest and largest pet insurance provider.

Since 1989 it has led the market place in providing Canadian pet parents with innovative coverage to meet the diverse needs of their pets.

pet-insurance-dogsStill today their sole focus continues to be understanding the needs of their clients, ensuring that the furry customers of your families can enjoy longer , fuller and healthier lives.

Pet health insurance is the best way to ensure pet parents that they are truly prepared for their pet’s lifetime of care.


According to a recent survey of veterinarians , Petsecure is the #1 recommended brand of pet insurance in Canada!

Let Atto connect you with the #1 Pet insurance in Canada, so your family pet receives accident, illness, and  even dental care that won’t take a bite out of your wallet.

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