How Property Insurance Is Calculated

How Property Insurance is Calculated

In this section, you’ll find out how insurance companies calculate premiums, how to keep your rates as low as possible, and how to take advantage of insurance discounts.

Calculating how much insurance you need to pay is a bit like completing a big jigsaw puzzle. You see, insurance companies use a number of factors to determine your rate. This section explains how each of these factors affects your final property insurance premium.

Where you live

Where you live definitely makes a difference in your property insurance rates. Insurers gather claims experience based on geographical location and adjust their premiums accordingly. So if you live in an area that has a high number of theft claims, you’ll pay higher property rates than if you lived in a low-theft area.

How much coverage you have

The more coverage you purchase, the higher will be your premium costs. A $20,000 tenant insurance policy, for example, is less expensive than a $30,000 tenant insurance policy.

Type of coverage

A tenant insurance policy will be less expensive than a condominium owner’s policy. Why? Because your insurer has a greater exposure to cover for a condominium owner than for a tenant. For example, a condominium policy covers the condominium owner’s liability exposure to shared common areas of the condominium.

Another consideration — if you customise your policy with optional coverages, like a bicycle, plan to pay a higher premium.

Proximity to fire hydrant or fire station

It’s an advantage to live close to a fire hydrant or fire station. The closer you are, the greater the chance your property can be saved if a fire starts.

Amount of your deductible

A standard policy deductible might be $500. If you choose a higher deductable (the amount you pay on a claim), your insurance company will reduce your premiums.

Security features

It’s to your advantage to have a safe home environment. If you install an alarm system, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, or other security features in your home,your insurance company will offer discounts to reduce your premium.