Car Insurance Fraud In Ontario Cost Drivers

7 March 2014
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7 March 2014, Comments: Comments Off on Car Insurance Fraud In Ontario Cost Drivers

Government Trying To Combat Car Insurance Fraud In Ontario

Car insurance fraud in Ontario cost drivers millions of dollars every year because of a slow process for disputed claims, clinics that bill insurance companies, and storage costs when a vehicle is being repaired.

As reported in the Toronto Sun, the Ontario government is trying to tackle car insurance fraud to try and reduce the insurance premiums for Ontario drivers. Introduced on Tuesday The Fighting Fraud and Reducing Insurance Rates Act has been designed to speed up the disputed claims process, more attention to clinics that bill insurance companies for accident victims, and also limit the costs of storage when a vehicle is at a repair shop according to Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa.

“These actions will reduce rates for Ontario drivers,” Sousa said.

Costs of storage for vehicles while being repaired has been a hot topic over the last couple of years and consumers have been calling for more oversight into this problem in order to try and reduce car insurance fraud in Ontario. Of course with a slow disputed claims process this can increase the amount of time a car remains at a vehicle repair shop.

car insurance fraud in ontario

The government committed to try and reduce insurance premiums by 15% over 2 years and some Ontario drivers are already seeing savings.

The bill introduced by Charles Sousa will only become law if the PCs or NDP agree with the bill.

Consumers continue to look for ways to save money on car insurance and tackling car insurance fraud in Ontario may help as the insurance industry moves forward.

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